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Perceel met herbie en inundatie

Herbie most effective in root weeds

We receive more often the question if Herbie 72 also works against weeds. The answer is yes; but regrettably not (yet) for all weeds. In practice we see good results in combating root weeds and seeds of cultivated crops. Unfortunately, the results for seed weeds have so far been variable. We therefore choose to focus our studies with Herbie 72 primarily on root weeds and tuber and bulb storage.

Herbie toegepast in bollenteelt

Progress flower bulb project

Thatchtec works with six bulb growers from the province North-Holland and the KAVB on the further development of BRIën. Therefore we are carrying out 4 field tests in North-Holland. The fields were treated with different doses of Herbie 72 and untreated. After Herbie has been worked in (15 – 30 cm), each field is flooded with water.

Japanse duizendknoop

Fighting the Japanese knotweed

We continue to investigate the effectiveness of Herbie against weeds. We are currently reviewing the first tests of Herbie 72 against the Japanese knotweed on an former landfill in Wageningen. In addition we are preparing soil from the public space to combat underground shoots of the Japanese knotweed (stolons) with the Soil Resetting bacteria.

Machine foil laying improved

Contractor Seelen has adapted a foil machine that can cover outside plots completely airtight. With applying a second narrow foil to the strips which are already buried in, the wind can no longer exert any force on the gluing. Bulb fields near the coast were covered by Seelen with this technique and the foil proved to withstand the strong wind.

Strokenteelt aardbeien

Herbie used in straw cultivation

German strawberry growers asked us if it is possible to apply Soil Resetting in rows or strips at low costs. They grow strawberries in full-field on foil-covered ridges. But they had a challenge to fight the problems with nematodes, verticillium and soil fatigue year after year. With 5 strawberry growers we started tilling the soil with Herbie.

Samenwerking Thatchtec en BTC

Cooperation between Thatchtec and BTC

Thatchtec and Bio Treat Center (BTC) in Venlo will collaborate for the further development of biological soil disinfection. Herman Feil, managing director of Thatctec (photo on the right) signed the cooperation agreement in May of this year. The cooperation is aimed at developing alternative recipes for Herbie based on residual flows from the agro-food sector.

Ard Reijtenbagh new manager Thatchtec

Ard Reijtenbagh started working at Thatchtec as general director on 1 July. Ard has his roots in horticulture and has been active in various links of the horticultural chain for the past 30 years. With his international experience and network, Ard will enthusiastically contribute to the growth of Soil Resetting.


Promotion Banana Disease and Soil Resetting

At the end of August, the Filipino Maricar Salacinas obtained her PhD at the Wageningen University. Salacinas, who works at Dole Asia, defended Soil Resetting in her research as a promising application against the Panama disease, with a proven control of 99%.

Herbie new agent against fusarium?

Dutch lettuce growers still experience major problems with fusarium. Henk Meints from Thatchtec hopes to be able to offer them good news soon. Italian research shows that the biological agent Herbie can kill spores of fusarium in the ground.

Soil resetting at SeedCare

We at Seedcare have chosen a new path, a biological aproach to purify our soil with the same or better result then steaming. We have worked together with Bodemresetten who has been providing knowledge, experience and…. Herbie!

Whatch the video of our day of labour.

Bodem resetten at SeedCare

Wilt u weten wat Bodem Resetten voor u kan doen, neem dan contact met ons op.