Herbie most effective in root weeds

Perceel met herbie en inundatie

Herbie most effective in root weeds

We receive more often the question if Herbie 72 also works against weeds. The answer is yes; but regrettably not (yet) for all weeds. In practice we see good results in combating root weeds and seeds of cultivated crops. Unfortunately, the results for seed weeds have so far been variable. We therefore choose to focus our studies with Herbie 72 primarily on root weeds and tuber and bulb storage.

Research from 2016 shows results of 99% tuber cyperus killing. In 2018 we tested this in practice by training 7 tons per hectare of Herbie 72, up to 35 cm deep on a 2.5-hectare plot and then flooded for weeks. No Cyperus was observed in the tulip crop until harvest. The follow-up research with a deeper tillage showed that the few remaining weeds did not emerge until August.

In 2019 we investigated whether it is desirable to work Herbie even deeper into the ground. We have are doing research on 2 fields; 1 of which is full field and flooded with water (7 tons / ha) and 1 with just a spot treatment with 24 tons per hectare with foil covering. A greenhouse with Oxalis storage was also treated because the costs of steaming there were too expensive.

We will share this results later.

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