Progress flower bulb project

Herbie toegepast in bollenteelt

Progress flower bulb project

Thatchtec works with six bulb growers from the province North-Holland and the KAVB on the further development of BRIën. Therefore we are carrying out 4 field tests in North-Holland. The fields were treated with different doses of Herbie 72 and untreated. After Herbie has been worked in (15 – 30 cm), each field is flooded with water.

Previous research has already shown that a broader disease control can take place with this technique and that soil biology will be improved. We now want to know what the effects are at different doses of Herbie and at different temperatures.

We determine the effectiveness and predictability of disease killing (nematodes and chlamydospores) on the basis of redox measurements. The redox measurements showed that the untreated fields showed good values, but that this is limited to only the top 2 cm of the building front. In addition, it appears that the development of gas bubbles is clearly lagging behind at lower doses. The first plots are currently being prepared for planting and sampling on nematodes.

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