Soil Resetting

The new, biological way of soil desinfection

Without chemicals and steaming

With Soil Resetting, 100% plant-based Herbie-grains (or liquid) will be introduced into the soil, followed by covering the soil with foil for 1 to 8 weeks, depending on the temperature and the sickness being fought. After this period, the ground is often completely free of nasty diseases caused by damaging nematodes, moulds and insects. The system is applied in practice in more than 150 situations and 7 countries, including tomatoes, peppers, seed cultivation, leafy greens, summer flowers, strawberries and asparagus. Soil Resetting can be applied in both greenhouses and outdoor cultivation. Specifically, Herbie 82 is developed for biological cultivation on the basis of European regulations: Herbie 82 has currently received organic approval for use in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Highly effective against:

Aaltjes Schimmels Insecten

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Soil resetting in practice:

Soil resetting for indoor cultivation

Soil resetting for outdoor cultivation


Success stories

By using Soil Resetting in organic cultivation, the disease Verticillium dahliae has been completely eradicated. The result: 25% more crop production, so that the yield per m2 increases.

Company: Ruud van Schie

The crop of chrysanthemums was so infected with Verticillium dahliae that even the current steaming method no longer helped. After Soil Resetting, there was no more sign of product loss, and even more yield is expected for the following crop.

Company: Drint in Grootegast

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